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The opposite side of spending money would be making money. Many students actually aren’t aware that ESU offers a wide range of student employment jobs right here on campus. As an institution, ESU understands that in order for students to meet educational expenses, they are allowed to seek student employment while also fulfilling academic goals. [...]

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee in the Burg

Ever looking for a good cup of coffee on or around campus? The university and the Stroudsburg area offer many different spots to grab that cup of java. From Starbucks to Dunkin’ Donuts, a cheap cup of coffee is just a few dollars away. (Use arrow keys to navigate slideshow) Coffee has become one of [...]

Tips to Help You Save More

Saving money is the most important habit you can form. What better time than during college. In an infographic provided by, 84 percent of college students admitted they need better financial management. Savings all start with the basics, forming a budget. While this may seem like an impossible task, it is quite simple. Take [...]

Find Surprising Deals At The Crossings Outlets

(Video) Interview 1 (Video) Interview 2 The Crossings Premium Outlets, located in Tannersville, is a hotspot for the whole Pocono region. Featuring over 100 stores, they offer an enormous variety from Nike footwear to Home & Cook.  When entering the area, you can be overwhelmed with many different businesses. In a question posed to a student, “How does [...]

Save Your Cheese, Eat The Steak

Sizzling savory steak bits piled on top of each other smothered in cheese and your vice of specific toppings. The meat is wrapped around fresh, soft bread all while sitting next to your choice of French fries or plain potato chips. This is what you can get at Teddy’s Tavern located personnel gratuit on [...]


You wake up one morning looking to start your day off with a nice hot shower, only to find out that your favorite smelling body wash and soap are both gone. You don’t have enough time to get to Wal-Mart to buy yourself new supplies so where could you go? The convenient store located in [...]

Learn How to Save Your Winnings

Most college students are excited to turn 21. Now they can go to the bars and buy their own alcohol. Instead of drinking, another privilege come with being 21, gambling. Since ESU is close to the Mount Airy Casino, many of us might end up gambling there. If you do end up going to Mount [...]

Fast Food Deals = Super-Cheap Meals

What college student doesn’t like fast food? While not the most healthy, it’s a cheap alternative to buying groceries at the store. Many college students eat fast food frequently because they simply do not have the money or the time to go shopping. However, most students don’t save as much money as they could by [...]

5 Online Shopping Tips to Save You Cash

Buying merchandise online can be a cheap, convenient option for students looking to save some cash. Items from books to video games can be purchased from the comfort of home. Students can simply type a product into Amazon or any major retailer’s website and make a purchase in minutes. There’s no question it’s convenient, but [...]

Use Your Head and Make the Grade at The Writing Studio

  The Writing Studio in Kemp Library is welcoming all ESU students who would like to garner a new writing technique, edit a class paper, or simply hear a review of a final draft for last minute improvement. “Our philosophy is to help students learn the rules of the language, to focus on a certain [...]

Redbox Offers Coupon Codes for Free Rentals

Undergraduates are synonymous with being broke. With the average movie theater ticket ranging between $7 and $8, finding cheaper alternatives for a movie night is worthwhile. So what’s a kid to do? All you have is a couple bucks in your pocket and enough gas to get you to the Cluck-U, maybe. Services from companies [...]

Got Pizza? Get A New York Slice at Main Street Price

Looking for a great place to find a slice of pizza? Nestled between 7th and 8th street of East Stroudsburg’s Main Street is a hidden pizza gem: Goomba’s. When you walk in you forget that you’re in the Burg, and are transported into a New York City hotspot. The posters on the wall pay homage [...]

Poppin’ Tags on Thrift Store Rags

“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollas in my pocket.” Thanks to this new, catchy song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I think thrift stores are in a brand new light. “Poppin’ tags” refers to buying clothes and you pop the price tag off when you get home. A $20 bill could buy [...]

Discussing iPhone’s Top  Five Free Applications

As of April 10, the top five free applications in the Iphone include, Vine, Candy Crush Saga, Injustice: Gods Among us, Sonic Dash, and PianoPass. Most students cannot afford paying for their mobile applications. Instead, they try and search for free versions of games or tools. “The only application I have ever bought on my [...]

Cheap Video Games for the Gamer on a Budget

So you’re a college student here at East Stroudsburg, and you love video games. Who doesn’t? It’s a great way to escape from the stress of homework, class, and whatever else you may have going on in your busy life. Whether it’s a quick game of Madden with your roommate or maybe a late-night round [...]

Save Money With Fun Challenge

While scrolling through my Instagram feed, my thumb stopped when I came across a photo that I thought might be useful for us college students. Now, there’s always those really good pictures that make me stop and stare. Some great ones are even worth a screenshot, but this time I came across a picture that [...]

Five Ways to Stay Healthy and Sanitary for Under Five Bucks

  Students and staff of ESU must be diligent in staying healthy and more importantly, sanitary. The less germs spread, the healthier and happier everyone will be. Watching a fellow classmate sneezing and wiping a runny nose with their bare hands, is never fun. That itchy, skin-crawling sensation, and the shift in your seat,  makes [...]

Catch a Cache on Campus

Hidden in front of Stroud Hall, in the center of four benches, beneath Julia, a container of treasure waits. The seekers call the treasure a geocache. Millions of such caches are hidden around the world, concealed from the naked eye, waiting to be found by someone like you. A cache is a small container, some [...]

Download Ten Student-Friendly Freeware Programs

Students have a lot of priorities to worry about while in college. These priorities range from grades to bank accounts. According to Campus Technology, 83 percent of college students have a personal computer. Because students are so dependent on technology today, it’s important that students have reliable software. But why spend hundreds of dollars on [...]

Make the Best of a Book Bargain

Book lovers always try to find the best deals around town when looking for great books to read. Some can agree that Barnes and Noble is overpriced. A new kind of bookstore has recently opened in East Stroudsburg in July 2012. Bargain Book Warehouse is located on 500 Lincoln Ave. in East Stroudsburg, across from [...]